Speach & Language Stimulation Techniques

1. Modelling This Technique can be used before (or) after the child make a comment. The mothers offers more information to the child, while her sentence Structure is more elabrate, it is net her primary intention to offer the child a more complex sentence. But to ofter meaningful utterance. Two type of modelling

» Antecendent technique:

Before the child says anything, the mother gives the model and the child speaks.

» Subsequential Technique:

The child speaksfirst we then the mother comment on the child's utterance without correcting (or) repeating.

2. Shaping:

Complex target behaviours need to be simplified, so that the child is able to learn them easilystep by step. In sequential steps , the components are put together to achieve the final complex, integrated behaviour.

3. Expansion:

Expansion is the technique of expanding (or) refor mulating the child is utterance into an adult like form , either in terms of sentence (grammatically) or with respect to the meaning, Teachnique provide the child grater accuracy either grammatically or meaninguire, In this way , the child become more readily uderstood by the listener.

4. Prompting:

Prompts are special stimuli that increase the probability of evoking responses. Prompts are like hints of overday life. A questions is asked, and when the response is not coming readily an additional stimulus is given

5. Error Identification:

The child is presented two sentences of any language structure. The child has to identity the error in the sentence we based on his knowledge, he has to put more correct form. semantic we syntactic errors are introduced in the sentences we the child has to correct the sentence, Semantic correction deals with the meaningfulness of the sentence we syntactic correction deals with grammatical structure of the sentence.

6. Questions:

It is one of the best methods yo get from a person , Questions can be of 3 types :

I. Questions requiring yes -no response

Eg: Did you eat in the morning?

II. Naming Response

Eg: What is tha?

III. Open - ended response

Eg: Where did you go yesterday evening?

7. Fading

Technique in which special stimulus control of target behaviour, created we expert by the clinician is reduced in gradual steps. while the same responses one consistently enoked, the special stimuli are gradually withdrawn, modelled stimulus is faded step by step.

8. Story Telling

It can help the child to sequence ideas , to retain information we to use particular words, inflectinal endings we sentence types. It serves as a type of structured, Conversational speach a story is told to the child we laber on questions are asked.

ORO Motor Excercises:

Oral motor therapy works on the oral skills necessary for proper speech we feeding development. these skills include : awarness, strenth , Co ordination, Movement we endurance of the lips, cheeks, tongue we jaw.

». Speech Therapy

Speech Therapist provides a high level of individualized speech, language & social communication servises to children in need includung diagnostic & therapy service. A carefull and detailed evalution helps speech therapist to design a comprehensive speech - language therapy program to meet needs of special children.