The therapist work with childern of varying ages from premahiri babies to adolseen is to ensure maximum physical finction & development. We improve movement, co-ordination, poshire & cardio respiratory system in children. which our Optimal assessment we aim to provide program that the child learns, develops & becomes independent the child learns, develops & becomes independed.

We also aim to minimize the effect of physical impairment to promote optimum function musculoskeletal development.

Therapy Given:

1. Stretching & Exercises

Stretching exercises help relieve pain, muscle ahftness, & improve overall mobility. It can prevent future hightening of muscles.

2. Strengtheing exercises:

These exercise bring flexibility & tone to group of muscles. It Increases muscle power and brings in high degree of mobility in children with cerebral palny & low muscle tone conditions.

3. Positioning & poshire Corrections:

Special exercises help to analyse & under stsand positural implaneo excercises that empasize sitting kneeling & stoneling improves transitional movements 7 posture.

4. PNF:

- Propriocephire neuromuncular facilities this strrtching is an important component needed to enhance both achive & Pasitive range of motion in orger to improve motor performance to aid rehabilation.

5. Gait training:

It is a type of physical therapy that can's help improve child's ability to walk. This training enables to technitiate or modify the gaint pattern.

6. NDT :

- Neuro Developmenttal treatement NDT is a holistic handling based on movement analysis for rehabilitation.