Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy applies special approaches & techniques to maximise a child's engagement achievement & independence in all activities , Including those all school , Play, leisun & self can skill hlilh an expert understanding of a child development & paealiatric condition , we analyze each child & plan a therapy program to address the specific issues.

1. Senssory Integration
S.I therapyer aims to help kids will sensory Processing issues by esposing them to sensory Stimulation in a structural & repetitive way.

2. Cognitice Integration
C I improves the integration be having the cognitice skills (international) with the writing & spoken language as well as diagranus & symulation(external).

3. Psychosocial development
This involves halaneed growth of an child from infaney to adulthood passing through the respeeties stage of development in age.

4. Five & gross motor development
Occupational therapy also works on coordination of eye & hand as well as larger group of muscles to improve to all kinds of motor kinelion.

5. Self help skills
OT Helps a child to develop independency in his activities of daily lining mainly concerning hygiene & toileting, keeping, Reading and dresing up.

6. Behaviour Therapy
BT aims to mininimize potentially harmful behaviour like self destructies or temperfantrus or any kind of unhealthy behaviours.